Tech Team With Business Sense

Web Apps, Microsoft Office Enhancements, Mobile Apps

Programming Services

Every single business can reduce costs by streamlining workflow, that is self understood. However most businesses don’t realize that technology can open up new sources of revenue as well. Our team of expert developers have a keen business understanding, as each of our programmers have worked in other fields aside from programming. And that is what makes our team unique – we have a the technical know how how to create perfect custom software, with the advantage of knowing what you really need.

Terrific Desktop Addons

Remove repetitive and cumbersome tasks by automating your workflow in heavily used desktop Microsoft and Adobe applications.

  • Expert Microsoft Office addons, for Excel, Outlook, Word, Powerpoint
  • Custom, powerful and interactive Excel-based dashboards
  • Web scraping for product research, file downloads, etc.
  • Forecasting and analysis programs
  • Advanced reporting for trends, stockouts, historic data analysis
  • Integrate with your accounting or ERP system
  • Streamline your inbox with custom addons

Powerful Custom Web Apps

Allow your organization to flourish with internal robust systems that works according to your needs.

  • Scalable web and mobile apps built to perfection
  • Empower your employees with one customized central app
  • Connect your accounting software
  • Task management, geolocation, API integration, dashboards, etc.
  • Full fledged web apps or mobile apps to take your idea to the masses
  • Dedicated developers ensuring high level of satisfaction
  • Experts in producing your vision into a reality

b1-i Elegant

We put great emphasis on the user interface, so that it should be at once intuitive, beautiful, and powerful. The idea is that any user within your organization should be able to use the program with ease, with minimal training necessary. It does not matter how complex the program is, the user interface will still be deceptively simple looking.

b1-i Economical

Custom software does not need to be prohibitively expensive. Although our team has handled many projects, ranging from fairly simple to highly complex, nevertheless the cost per project is fair, based on the level of development needed. The value custom software brings is already worth the price, and our development fee makes it an even smarter decision.

b1-i Experienced

Allow our team to expertly deliver on your custom programming needs. With dozens of years of combined programming experience, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. Your dedicated project manager will ensure the highest level of perfection, and give you transparency and open dialogue at all stages of development.

“First solve the problem, then write the code”

John Johnson