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Professional Websites

Your business needs a professional presence to the rest of the world, and your website is the very first place potential clients will usually look at. Therefore, having a proper and engaging website that will convey a sense of professionalism, along with intuitive and beautiful design, will make a great first impression.

Website In 10 Business Days

Get on the fast track of upgrading your website, as our team expertly handles all phases of web development.

  • Research your industry – 1 day
  • Submit various mockups for you to select – 1 day
  • Convert desired mockup into interactive website – 3 days
  • Submit to you for initial feedback, and then update design – 2 days
  • Add graphic and text content – 2 days
  • Extensive testing for entire website – 1 day

Complete Web Development

A professional website entails far more than just a nice design. Our full package includes:

  • Logo design
  • DNS setup, including domain transfers if necessary
  • Content Delivery Network for fast image and elements load time
  • SSL certificates for Top Level Domains and Sub Domains
  • Robust forms manager for full capabilites including file upload
  • Google Analytics setup and monitoring
  • Business email setup

b1-i Beautiful

Our graphics team produces beautiful designs which are unique to your industry. Stand out from the competition with an eye catching layout and graphics. Promote your company with a highly professional website.

b1-i Affordable

Our web development package includes all of the features mentioned on this page, for an average of $3,500. More complex features, such as e-commerce or business portals, are available as well for a higher package.

b1-i Dependable

Your website will not break down or go into the netherworld of 404 pages and the like. And for an optional small fee of $40/month we will maintain your website for you, and upgrade any features or content at no additional development cost.

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car without an engine”

Paul Cookson